Protein Evolution and Engineering Scientist


Bioheuris Lab in the Helix Center, St. Louis (MO) will be dedicated to scaling-up our plant genome editing and protein evolution research pipelines. We believe agriculture needs to evolve to grow more using less. For centuries different biotic and abiotic stress has threaten food production globally. Weeds have always been a major concern for agriculture around the world and today resistant biotypes are evolving more rapidly than ever. We are an Argentine start-up that strives to become a world leader in the introduction of sustainable weed management systems.


As agriculture continues to expand, growers need advanced and sustainable options to help protect yields against competition from weeds. We are developing solutions that delay weed resistance using less herbicides with lower environmental impact. Our pipeline is farmer focused and globally oriented.


We are seeking an experienced Protein Evolution and Engineering Scientist, to identify new mutations in plant genes that will make crops herbicide resistant. The successful candidate will be an expert in molecular and synthetic biology, with strong working knowledge of bacterial and yeast engineering. She/he will lead our high-throughput protein evolution strategy and will be expected to contribute intellectually to the company’s goals. The candidate will work primarily at the bench, independently in the beginning, reporting to headquarters in Argentina.


Initially, he/she will use automation, miniaturization and other strategies to scale-up proprietary in vivo microbe assays to high-throughput format, in our soon-to-be-opened Lab or contracting services from other research facilities. After a successful scale-up, this Scientist will develop other assays from scratch to identify new herbicide tolerance mutations in plant genes.


Since we are starting our site in the US from the beginning, the candidate will be responsible for setting up the workflow, with direction and support from our corporate team. Being part of the inception of this laboratory will give you the freedom to set your own pace and working style and be a critical component in the making of the culture of your future team.


If you are passionate about science and technology, enjoy to think before you follow and expect today to be better than yesterday, Bioheuris may be the place for you.


You’ve read this far. You are probably looking for a high-potential-growth Lab in the US. So are we! 

Required Skills/Experience:

  • PhD or Master's Degree and 3-5 years of experience in a similar role

  • Experience in protein engineering or directed evolution

  • Previous success engineering microbes

  • Familiarity with or experience in a broad range of molecular biology and protein expression

  • Track-record of solving challenging technical problems independently and creatively

  • Highly self-motivated, proactive, and collaborative

  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral

  • Strong organizational skills and capable of identifying and managing external interactions such as service providers and other outside collaborators


Desired Skills/Experience:

  • Experience in functional protein expression in microbial hosts a plus

  • Experience with high-throughput in vivo, in vitro and biophysical assays to characterize engineered proteins a plus

  • Experience with automating protein workflows a plus

  • Demonstrated success with multiple directed evolution platforms such as phage display, yeast display, and/or mRNA display technologies a strong plus

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