Bioheuris signs agreement with BioGenerator to incubate a synthetic biology lab in the US

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  • Post published:13 December, 2019
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St. Louis, Missouri and Rosario, Argentina —Dec 13, 2019— Bioheuris, the Argentine agbiotech startup developing sustainable weed management systems, will expand its scientific operations into the US. Through an agreement with BioGenerator, the company will incubate a synthetic biology lab at the Helix Center in St. Louis, MO.

Bioheuris combines synthetic biology and gene editing to develop next-gen crops that tolerate herbicide mixes with lower environmental impact, delaying weed resistance.

The new lab at Helix Center will be dedicated to scaling-up the company’s herbicide-target protein evolution and rational design research pipelines

“This platform synergizes the work we are developing in our lab in Argentina and complements our gene editing capabilities in plants” said Carlos Perez, co-founder of Bioheuris. “The St. Louis ecosystem is especially attractive because it brings together companies, entrepreneurs, investors and universities in an environment in which interaction and business generation are stimulated, facilitating access to equipment, supplies and services. The initiative will allow the company to develop globally and strengthen our relationships with key local partners such as Benson Hill Biosystems and Danforth Center.”

About Bioheuris
Bioheuris is a crop improvement company developing sustainable weed management systems for farmers around the world. Our platforms combine synthetic biology and protein evolution with gene editing to accelerate plant breeding so that crops can evolve faster than weeds. For more information, visit