Bioheuris welcomes the first hire in US

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  • Post published:17 March, 2020
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Quan ZhangSt. Louis, Missouri March 17, 2020  Bioheuris, a crop improvement company developing sustainable weed management systems, has named Quan Zhang as Scientific Operations Manager.

Zhang comes to Bioheuris with 15+ years of research experience in plant science and microbiology, focusing on advancing agricultural biotechnology.

“We will explore using automation, miniaturization and machine learning to gain higher throughputs for our in vivo microbe assays and gene editing protocols” said Zhang. “Bioheuris is on the leading edge of the next-generation herbicide resistant crops development”

Prior to joining Bioheuris, Quan was a staff scientist at NewLeaf Symbiotics where he was primarily responsible for developing microbial molecular biology tools. Before that he was a research scientist at Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, managing a corn pathway-engineering project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

“Quan has a passion for applying innovation to solve complex challenges that promote a better agriculture” said Lucas Lieber, CEO and co-founder of Bioheuris. “His energy and drive is motivating and with his deep expertise he will help expand our team and take our capabilities to the next level”

Quan received his PhD in Plant Pathology from Oklahoma State University. He lives with his family in St. Louis where Bioheuris Lab in the US is located.

About Bioheuris
Bioheuris is a crop improvement company developing sustainable weed management systems for farmers around the world. Our platforms combine synthetic biology and protein evolution with gene editing to accelerate plant breeding so that crops can evolve faster than weeds. For more information, visit