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Empowering crops®

for weed control


Combining synthetic biology

and gene editing...


to develop next-generation

herbicide resistant crops

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We are committed to bring solutions for a more sustainable and efficient weed management, reducing herbicide use.

Weeds have always been a major concern for agriculture, as they compete with crops for water, light and nutrients.

Herbicides are the main tool to control weeds, but their use is limited in many cases because they are toxic to the crop. Also, the repeated use of one herbicide leads to the evolution of herbicide resistant weeds which affect the sustainability of this technology.

Our technologies are distinguished by

Sustentabilidad Ambiental


We develop tools for producers to apply herbicide combinations, in order to reduce their burden on the environment.


Herbicide mixes delay the evolution of resistant weeds, extending the life of the technologies


We combine Synthetic Biology and Gene Editing to develop herbicide resistant crops. Heurik™, one of our technology platforms, integrates rational design and directed evolution to identify mutations which confers herbicide tolerance. Swap™ is the platform that introduces these mutations in crops using gene editing. The main advantages of this strategy is reducing development costs and time to market of our products. This is because we can work with elite lines and edit more than one gene at a time.

We strive to obtain crops that are resistant to a combination of herbicides, aiming to reduce the dose of each one in the mix and with that the environmental charge.

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