We are a team of scientists, technicians and agribusiness specialists
developing next-generation biotechnology tools for farmers.



We develop herbicide resistant crops using biotechnology to bring farmers sustainable weed management systems.


• Intellectual rigour

• Think before you act

• Be better than yesterday

• Trust yourself

• Respect others

• Teamwork


Lucas Lieber PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Lucas became CEO of Bioheuris in 2020. He leads the company’s scientific team since he co-founded the company, starting as Chief Technology Officer in 2016. He previously worked as Research Associate at Imperial College London, UK. and as Project Manager at Bioceres and Indear in Argentina. Before starting Bioheuris, Lucas founded Nitris, a start-up company developing nitrogen-fixing traits for cereals. He graduated as Agronomic Engineer at Universidad Nacional de Rosario (UNR) and holds a PhD in Agronomic Sciences. 

Carlos Perez PhD
Director of Strategy

Carlos is Co-founder and Director of Strategy. He is a Biochemist, with a PhD in microbiology and a postdoc at ICGEB (International Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Italy). His professional career continued as Biotech Project Manager at Bioceres and Indear and then as Stewardship Regional Manager (LATAM) at Bayer Crop Science.

Rinaldo Gosparini
Business Advisor

Rinaldo developed his career as business manager for top seed companies in Latin America. As Chief Executive Officer at Coop. Santa Rosa Ltd. he developed affiliated companies in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and South Africa. Rinaldo’s experience also includes handling and managing elite germplasm in soybeans.

Hugo Permingeat PhD
Scientific Advisor

Hugo is Professor at Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias UNR. He has more than 30 years of experience in plant biotechnology and genetic engineering. He is an Agronomic Engineer and holds a PhD in Biological Sciences from UNR. Hugo was a member of CONABIA, the Argentine Agribiotech Commission. As Principal Director for public-private partnerships, he leaded several genetically-modified projects.


Quan Zhang
Quan Zhang
Scientific Operations Manager
CPN Antonela Valfosca
Operations Manager
Dra. Celeste Varela
Platform Manager HEURIS™
Mauricio Grisolia
Dr. Mauricio Grisolia
Platform Manager SWAP™
Dra. Ana Alessio
Project Leader
Dra. Martina Lazzaro
Project Leader
Dr. Maximiliano Gómez
Program Leader
Lic. Florencia Montenegro
Lab Manager
Dr. Juan Pablo Fernández
Gene Editing Leader
MsC Mónica Morata
In vitro culture Leader
Ing. Luisina Monasterolo
Plant Transformation Leader
Ing. María Belén Bianco
In vitro culture Assistant
Cecilia Baer
In vitro culture Assistant


Bioheuris has molecular biology labs and plant growth facilities at Centro Científico Tecnológico de Rosario (Argentina), where we operate our Synthetic Biology (HEURIK) and Gene Editing (SWAP) technology platforms.

Our Lab in Saint Louis (Missouri, US), based at the Helix Center is scaling-up our plant genome editing and protein evolution research pipelines, in one of the main international agribiotech hubs.


Scientific Advisor