Argentine Ag Biotech Startup Bioheuris establishes US operations in St. Louis

1 Jul 2019

Bioheuris opens a new laboratory in the city of St. Louis, United States, expanding its operations internationally. The initiative will be completed in 2019 and will allow the company to develop globally and strengthen its relationships with key partners in the city such as Benson Hill Biosystems and Danforth Center.


Bioheuris is an agrobiotechnology company dedicated to the development of sustainable weed control systems. Through the development of new technologies, it provides producers with tools that allow effective control of weeds, reducing costs, lowering the load of herbicides in the environment and delaying the onset of resistance. Currently, it has facilities for the management of plants and molecular biology laboratories located in the Scientific Technological Center of Rosario, Argentina, with a team of 12 highly trained professionals.


Bioheuris Lab in St. Louis will be dedicated to scaling-up our plant genome editing and protein evolution research pipelines, providing a greater dynamism in the business and developing sustainable weed management systems. The St. Louis ecosystem is especially attractive because it brings together companies, entrepreneurs, investors and universities in an environment in which interaction and business generation are stimulated, facilitating access to equipment, supplies and services.


Weeds have always been a major concern for agriculture around the world and today resistant biotypes are evolving more rapidly than ever. Bioheuris is the only company totally focused on solving this problem, working to offer integrated crop protection solutions that provide farmers with wider options for weed control.


“Bioheuris believes that agriculture needs to evolve towards the use of more efficient and sustainable models. By using innovative technologies, we can offer new options to producers around the world in a variety of crops, optimized for different farming systems”. Lucas Lieber, Chief of Biotechnology.



Current Job Openings 

We are seeking an experienced Protein Evolution and Engineering Scientist, to identify new mutations in plant genes that will make crops herbicide resistant. The successful candidate will be an expert in molecular and synthetic biology, with strong working knowledge of bacterial and yeast engineering. She/he will lead our high-throughput protein evolution strategy and will be expected to contribute intellectually to the company’s goals. 


If you are passionate about science and technology, enjoy to think before you follow and expect today to be better than yesterday, Bioheuris may be the place for you.


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