Bioheuris at “Plant Genome Editing & Genome Engineering” Conference in Vienna

17 Jul 2019

 Last July 5th and 6th, Lucas Lieber, the CTO of Bioheuris, was at the International Conference: "Plant Genome Editing & Genome Engineering" in the city of Vienna, exhibiting Bioheuris work on the subject.


During the event, advances in editing and genomic engineering, challenges, advantages and disadvantages, technologies and methods of application of genomic editing tools such as CRISPR / Cas9, and how to use technology to improve crops were discussed.


Lucas Lieber lectured in Session IV: Genome Edition for crop improvement, and in his lecture entitled "DNA-free genome editing in soybean explants", he explained the advances and developments in which Bioheruis is currently working.



“We are developing herbicide resistant crops

to bring farmers sustainable weed management systems that delay weed resistance using less herbicides with lower environmental impact”.




During the day, companies, universities and institutes from different parts of the world made their contributions on the subject.


Bioheuris considers essential to strengthen and expand collaboration with companies and research centers that use genomic editing to improve agronomic crops, identifying new strategies and methods to increase the efficiency of genomic editing in soybeans and sorghum.


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